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Rates For Web Design, Web Hosting & Web Site Maintenance

Web site design rates vary depending on the web site requirements.  The rates for a web site that does not require any special programming or e-commerce setups usually run from between $394 to $699.  You may see some ridiculously low priced advertisements on the Internet for web site design, but when it's all said and done, you may be paying much more that the advertised price, your web site may simply be a template that others use also, and the update and maintenance costs for the site may be horrendous  Our web sites are not made from templates, rather they are custom designed from the ground floor up with your input and feedback at each step in the process.

For database programming and/or an e-commerce store setup, or web sites with a larger than standard number of web pages, the rate increases according to the programming demands and/or e-commerce store setup demands, or time needed for additional web pages. We can provide photography for you but you are welcome to supply your own.  We can also develop a logo for your business. We offer software that will allow you to do editing of your own web site once it is created. We use cutting edge technology to design your web site and that means that just about anything available on the web today is available for your web site design.

Once your web site is completed we host your web site for you.  We only host web sites for our web site design clients, and we offer web hosting at only $60/year for everything your business web site will need.

We will continue to maintain and oversee your hosted web site for you, and provide technical support, if needed. We will always be there to help. Get a free quote.

Rates For Web Site Marketing, SEO & Support Advertising

Web site marketing rates differ with the level of assistance required.  Web site marketing begins with meta-tag and other tag revisions in the code of your web pages and is followed by search engine submissions.  We sit down with Web Site Marketing, Web Site Design, Web Site Hosting, Web Site Design In Floridayou to discuss your market and to explore marketing in other media to support your web marketing.  We also will explore whether or not "pay for performance" web marketing is for you, and to discuss your marketing budget in conjunction with your present web site rankings.  We always seek to get you the best organic ranking, and may suggest to combine a variety of programs for your particular market.

All web site marketing work is charged by the hour at our low hourly web site marketing service rate of $35/hour.  We do have a "Package Deal" that can handle most of your basic web site marketing needs for $100/year, excluding additional costs for web advertising on other web sites (e.g., web banners, listings on other web sites), and "pay for performance" programs with Google and/or Yahoo). Get a free quote.

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